For Startups

Smart Infrastructure

Work with a large energy provider on solutions for the housing district in the city of the future. 

Tech Focus Home IoT, Mobility, Smart Grid, Home Security  

Traffic Management

Help the municipality to manage traffic in the city of Mannheim ​more effectively.


Tech Focus SaaS, Mobility, Sensors, Parking,   

This could be your challenge

We are still in the process of finding the challenge with one of our corporate partners. This will be updated soon. 

Tech Focus tba


You are an early stage startup from Israel or Baden-Württemberg and look for a corporate partner to run a pilot with a global market leader?


B-WIP provides Startups with real market needs from the corporate world and the opportunity to test their products with German corporates. Check out our challenges and apply right now if your startup offers a solution one of our vertical.


Our program takes place in Mannheim, Germany. It is free of charge, travel costs and accommodation are included. We are a non profit organization and don't take equity or IP from the participating companies.   

Our Vision

While corporates look for new technology and creative working culture, startups lack credibility, resources and access to customers to validate their products. 

Joining forces is a win win for both parties. That’s why we built B-WIP Accelerator, a true startup-corporate partnership platform.

Corporates and Startups can shape technology together at rapid pace!

Win-win sounds interesting for you?


Join us shaping innovation!


For Corporates

For Startups

Q: How much time commitment is required by the participating corporates?

A: The number of participating corporate leaders as well as the intensity of their involvement can be tailored individually. Joining the program doesn’t require full time commitment and will be lower than 15h/week.


Q: What’s the difference between B-WIP and other Accelerator Programs?

A: B-WIP puts the participating corporates in the center. Our framework allows each participating company to choose their own focus topics they want to cover in order to develop a 100% tailor made and perfectly matching program together. We help you through the process of identifying the right challenge, finding the right startup to work with and facilitate a structured way of collaboration. All you have to take care of is working with the startup, we take care on anything else.


Q: How do corporates benefit from the program?

A: The program combines aspects of internal and external programs in a unique hands-on innovation experience. While increasing your companies’ innovation capacity internally through our corporate training, corporate leaders learn to apply those methods in the collaboration process with the startup.  


Q: Can corporates without a pre-defined innovation challenge participate in the program?

A: Of course, with our team of experienced entrepreneurs and Roland Berger strategists we help you to define your individual challenge and find the right startup to implement a pilot successfully.


Q: Can corporates participate that are not interested in running a Pilot with a startup?

A: Yes, we help you to find other ways of startup collaboration. It is also possible to just join the program for the corporate training by Roland Berger to learn more about top notch innovation methodologies.  

Q: Which startups are relevant for this program and how can they apply?
A:  We are looking for early stage startups with an MVP that is ready for a pilot. The verticals we're focusing are depending on the challenges of our corporate partners and change from batch to batch. If you offer a solution in the verticals presented above, we are looking forward to receive your application


Q: Do the corporate partners take IP, revenue or shares? 

A: We or our corporate partners don't take equity as a return for participation in this program. Our goal is protect the IP of both participants. Non-disclosures and other legal agreements are individually prepared by independent layers based on the type of collaboration between the startup and the corporate. 


Q: Are there any costs for startups and corporates participating in the program?

A: The sponsorship of the participating corporates in each B-WIP batch covers all costs for both startups and corporate participants


Q: Is there accommodation for Israeli Participants in Germany?

A: Sure, we want to make sure that you can focus on what matters most during the program.


We create impactful partnerships between German Market Leaders and Tech Startups from Israel and Baden-Württemberg. 

For Corporates

The Program

B-WIP is a tailor-made, project oriented innovation journey where corporate leaders work hand in hand with technology startups. During the program corporate leaders work on two challenges:

  • The Startup Challenge, a joint pilot with a specifically scouted, external Startup from Israel or Baden-Württemberg. 

  • The Corporate Challenge, to implement a process or aspects of a startup's working culture in the corporate's business unit. 

The Process

Pre Program Stage: We get to know each other and learn about the corporate's expectations to scout and select the best startup.

Pilot Stage in Mannheim: The mixed teams implement the startup challenge and corporate leaders work on their internal challenge. 

Startup Safari Stage in Tel Aviv: The corporate leaders connect with the local ecosystem and meet more Startups .    

Your Benefits

  • Run a pilot with a startup specifically scouted to solve your need. 

  • Adapt new methods to increase innovation capabilities internally.

  • A trip to Tel Aviv to meet startups and get access to the ecosystem.

  • A structured collaboration process to work with startups effectively.

  • Access to the best startup networks in Germany and Israel.

  • Mentoring from the Startup Mentors and Roland Berger. 

  • Best Infrastructure and a sterile environment to work with startups.





Oran Goldstein
Israeli Partner
Jonathan Glick
Program Director
Florian Fischer
Program Coordinator Germany
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